Navigating Transitions

September 12th, 2012 at 03:41am Under Transitions

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For the past three years I have been living with my mom assisting her with elder issues. It has been one of the most enlightening and difficult journeys I have taken to date. It became apparent that she began to suffer some dementia when my father transitioned three years before I moved back to the farm. When I first moved back it was to assist with her finances; and it has moved into 24/7 care.

In our culture, elder issues are not part of the collective conversation. As children we do our best to navigate and balance what is best for our parents and ourselves. And at times there is no balance. My life came to a screeching halt the end of June when I returned from a work project to find my mother’s health had taken a serious decline.

And so began the journey with Hospice. Let me say that I am very grateful that services like Hospice exist. The support for me as the caregiver has been amazing. For my mother it has been more difficult as she has had to face the vulnerability of depending on services and caregivers.

As one of the last of the pioneer generation, she has prided herself on being totally self-sufficient. I think the loss of independence is harder than the disease that is encroaching on her time left as a three dimensional being.

For me it has meant putting my work, my creative expression, all on hold. She didn’t plan for this time in her life, meaning she never thought she would need care. I am not sure she thought about the possibilities, but I think she just thought she’d go to sleep and not wake up.

She suffered a seizure a few weeks ago that has sped up the need for round the clock care. Her mind is willing, however her body is not. And this time she can’t will or bully her body into doing her bidding.

This time is hard, demanding and even makes me question my sanity about why I made the decision to come back – to be present for all that this brings.

So… I ask that you forgive me for attempting to start back to blogging and then abandon my followers. I ask for grace as I remind myself to give myself the grace of the moment. As I can I will share what I am learning… What I am experiencing..

The only thing I know for sure is that there are profound moments of connection to the mystery … And in this moment I am surrendered to this experience and all that it is bringing.


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Would You Like a Chance to Coach With LeeAnn?

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Would you like to have a chance to coach one-on-one with LeeAnn for FREE for a month?

Normally LeeAnn’s fees for 4-weeks of one-on-one coaching is $697.

But, we will be giving away ONE coaching package to a lucky follower.

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Peace and blessings,

PS If you are not sure who Sandy is, check out this post:

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Even Horses Know How to Self-Soothe

August 6th, 2012 at 04:01pm Under Events+ Relationship+ With our bodies

Did you grow up in the clean plate club? Did the adults around you use food to reward, or calm you down or to distract you in some way?

On my personal body journey I have had lots of interesting food experiences.

My family didn’t know how to be with emotions so food was often used to distract from emotional intensity. When something came up that was uncomfortable my parents would pull out the ice cream or the fresh baked cinnamon rolls to comfort instead of dealing directly with upset, sadness, hurt or pain.

horse image pic for p2p2What I learned was confusion.

On one hand my mother wanted me to be on diet pills to lose weight and fit in with the other girls and on the other hand she’d offer me food to stuff my emotions.

I learned to ‘stuff’ my emotions while my mother modeled starving herself or not eating as an answer to emotional stress and pain.

Being around horses and working them for over thirty years also taught me a few things.

You see, horses (in their healthy and natural state) know how to self-soothe. Something I never learned growing up.

Horses demonstrate the art of BEING, whereas humans we tend to hang onto the past, make meaning out of everything and distance ourselves from our emotions until our emotions just won’t be distanced any more. Then the emotions seem so big that we avoid stopping to deal with what we feel and we then use unhealthy techniques to further ignore what our body is telling us…overeating, underrating, excessive exercise, no exercise, etc.

In their natural state (versus being in a stall 24/7), horses are in the moment -they feel fear, or exuberance or irritation and then let it go. They are with the emotion and then let it go. Their act of self-soothing is to FEEL – and then be in the next moment.

Part of claiming conscious relationship with my body has been to learning to self-soothe, to stay with the emotions and be fully present rather than stuff emotions and pain with food.

And, what I have learned is that nothing bad really happens when you stay with emotions. In fact, once they are addressed directly, they offer an opportunity to pay attention or provide a message. And when the message is received, the emotion dissipates.

If you have been stuck by unconscious eating or eating to self-soothe, there is a way to change those patterns and discover new ways to be with your body and your life.

If you are curious about shifting your relationsip with eathing and your body please join us on our next FREE Pathways to Partnership – Body Program preview call on August 31st.

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And, if you are ready to make an even bigger commitment to yourself and your relationship with your body you can jump right in and join is for the Pathways to Partnership – Body Program 4-day retreat in September.

Eventbrite - Pathways To Partnership II - The Body Program

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Being a Body Bully

July 30th, 2012 at 11:56am Under Events+ Relationship

Being a Body Bully – My Story (LeeAnn)

    Almost three years ago, I made a commitment to have a different relationship with my body.

    Up until that time I had pretty much made my body an unwanted tag along, something I had to coexist with as long as it did what I wanted, when I wanted it to.

    I was a complete ‘body bully’.

    My distorted relationship with my body began years ago when my mom took me to a doctor demanding I be put on diet pills at thirteen. It was “Twiggy” time and anyone who didn’t look like the Twig, had something wrong with them. It was also the transition time between homemade clothes and the new factory “sized” clothes.

    I know that most young girls go through the comparison game about how we look, what size and shape we as compared to the super stars and magazines.

    I was no different.

    At the time I was an athlete. I rode and worked horses. I did physical farm work and my body was not like what advertisers and clothes designers said it was suppose to be.

    No one ever mentioned that perhaps my body had an idea of what it wanted to look like or how it wanted to be shown – meaning what colors and materials it wanted to wear. I buried my body in jeans, boots and dirt along with an unhealthy relationship to food.

    Over the years I tried every diet under the sun in an attempt to force my body to be the size, weight and shape that this culture says is important.

    Along the way my body began to rebel and by the time I was in my late forties my body simply refused to be bullied any longer.

    One morning I woke up and said there has to be another way. There has to be a way that I can be grateful to my body for all it has done with me and for me. There has to be a way that I can appreciate my body and ask it what it needs from me.

    The questions I asked that day and the journey I began has been incredible.

    By attending to the concept of partnership and actually allowing my body to have a conscious opinion of what it wants to eat, how often and even how much – my body has released 70+ lbs seemingly effortlessly.

    I have given up ‘exercise’ and I only engage in movement that my body loves.

    Yes, I do move daily and for the past year it has been mostly water aerobics – my body has rewarded me with little to no pain that has resulted in a joy and lightness of spirit.

I have learned the language of my body.

And, if you are tired of your current idea of relating to your body, I have a program I’d like to share with you.

If you are curious you can join me for a 4-day ‘body retreat’ in September – Body Partnership – Lesson With the Horseswhat horses can teach us about partnering with our bodies.

Or, if you’re not sure ‘the body program’ is right for you there will be two FREE, preview teleclasses in August. (see below for more information)

Join me, my friend and co-facilitator Ginger and my business partner Sandy on the fun and informative preview ‘body’ calls.

We would love to guide you into a much more fun, and rewarding journey of body freedom.

Join us??

I promise you will discover new de-light with your body’s blessings!

    FREE ‘Body’ Call

      Wed 08/01/12 10:00 AM Pacific Time

    Phone Number: 1-213-342-3000
    Access code: 686989

To stay updated about about future calls and to receive a reminder about Wednesday’s call join our list be completing and submitting the form below.

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Free Teleclass Schedule

July 18th, 2012 at 12:32pm Under Events

Hi! LeeAnn here.

Following the success of the first Pathways to Partnership Retreat in June we are busy preparing for Pathways to Partnership II – The Body Program. (Check out the EVENTS page for more information.)

To give you a little preview of what we will be talking about I’ve decided to host two FREE calls in August.

I’ll be sharing my own lifetime journey with my body and the BIG discoveries I’ve made over the last three years as I’ve moved into full partnership with my body and let go of the physical and emotional weight that I’ve been hiding behind for decades.

We’ll talk about what it means to move into a more loving, respectful relationship with yourself, why diets don’t work and so much more.

Join me? Dates and times are below, but to make it easy sign up below and I’ll send you the information as the dates get closer.

    Two FREE Calls in August:

      Wed 08/01/12 10:00 AM Pacific Time
      Fri 08/31/12 03:00 PM Pacific Time

    Phone Number: 1-213-342-3000
    Access code: 686989

Starting in September I’ll also be hosting a live teleclass the first Tuesday of every month. I hope you will join me. (More details to come!)

Sign up below and don’t miss ant of the fun and exciting news and events coming up in the second half of 2012!

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Pathways to Partnership Update

July 14th, 2012 at 11:44am Under Uncategorized

Our first Pathways to Partnership retreat may be over, but it’s not forgotten. We had a wonderful time and there were many discoveries alone the way.

As I write this we are preparing for Pathways to Partnership II – The Body Program. Based on the great feedback we received from the attendees we are expanding the retreat from one day to three days and we are going to focus primarily on your relationship and partnership with your body.

We will be sharing more about this new retreat over the next few weeks but if you are curious you can read more about Pathways to Partnership II – The Body Program and register at:

In the meantime read what a few people have been saying about their experiences from last months Pathways to Partnership retreat…

    I had such an incredible experience Saturday at the 1 day women’s retreat facilitated by Lee Ann and Ginger.

    Ginger and LeeAnn are both accomplished equestrians who use horses to teach communication, relationship and partnership skills to women in a gentle, but powerful way.

    The retreat itself was held at the Woodridge Gathering Place in Redmond off of Novelty Hill Rd—so out in the country with horses, sacred landscaping and the owner Lin McBride who is one of the warmest, most loving woman you’ll ever have the pleasure of meeting. It is the perfect place to hold retreats as her entire property is a retreat.

    This 1 day retreat was designed to better connect me with my intuition and build a deeper relationship with myself. And one of the best exercises was with an amazing horse named Finnegan. I’ve always been afraid of horses, but with LeeAnn’s and Ginger’s
    guidance, not only did I release that fear, but I learned how I stop myself in other areas of my life as well. That was a gift!

    I’m still basking in the glow of what I learned about myself! The gentle Aha!s and Ahhhhs are still flowing through me and things I knew before, I now ‘get’ on the deepest levels. And it was all done with fun and in the company of other women who also wanted what I wanted—to get to know myself better, all the ins & outs of me, all the great stuff and some of the stuff to love anyway.

    So if you were to ask me the one thing I got out of spending a day with Lee Ann and Ginger—it would be that I fell deeply in love with myself in a whole new way and that colors how I relate to everyone around me. How can I not be completely in love with life with the way I learned to love & appreciate myself.

    If you want to know more about the retreats, contact LeeAnn or Ginger directly. If you want to talk with me about my experience and how great I feel—just let me know.

    And a big ole’ thank you to LeeAnn and Ginger for their presence, their joy and their sense of adventure that made this retreat a sacred day for me.



    I had the great fortune to attend LeeAnn’s one-day program, Pathways to Partnership.

    I am very excited to recommend this incredibly special program. It was my deep pleasure to have the opportunity to experience the considerable expertise of both Lee Ann Gibbs and Ginger Kennell. It is not simply their experience, training and expertise that they offer, it is also their very special sense of Being in the Now and being present for everyone in attendance. No one gets lost and no one just hangs out in this interaction, everyone chooses freely to commit at a higher level of their own personal commitment to expansion.

    During the workshop I had the opportunity to interact with a group of amazing like-minded and spiritually expanding women, and the opportunity to reconnect with the amazing energy and healing presence of horses. If you have not experienced the energy of the Horse, they are a healing, strong, empathic and humorous spirits.

    If you are at the moment in time when you know that you know that you are ready to open yourself to the possibility of expanding into that secret person you have been hiding inside – then working with LeeAnn and working with horses is the Way in which to enter the kingdom of your own true Self.

    You will thank yourself,

    Dr. Katie Garnett

Eventbrite - Pathways To Partnership II - The Body Program

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Pathways to Partnership

June 11th, 2012 at 07:38pm Under Divine Cowgirl

Hello to all,

There is so much to share about what is happening in my world!  From a new business partner to new offerings for your consideration or to pass along to anyone who might benefit and enjoy a day of horses, women and discovery.

While I am still continuing my work with learning communities and leadership – I seem to be called to provide women with the time and space to discover connection with themselves.  The horses want to play too!!  SO to that end, I will be offering Pathways to Partnership – through The Spirit of Connection

spirit horses

I have had some many women wanting to discover a different form of connection with Self, with their bodies and with others.  SO as it seems I keep saying the same things over and over, –  I decided to offer a series of events that allow you to experience Conscious Connection –   I am offering a beta of the foundational program to 12 people on June 23rd.  It is a one day event to be held in Redmond from 10 am to 5pm.  My friend and peer, Ginger Kennell, and I  will lead you through some amazing experiences that will  open you to new possibilities for relationship with Self.  

Anyone that joins us for this event will be grandfathered in as having completed the foundation requirement to take the next levels – One of which will be offered in the fall  – Partnership with Your Body – for health, and happiness – 

In the body program I will be sharing a new form of relationship with your body that I have been discovering over the past 2 years – My body has agreed to release 80 lbs – easily and effortlessly  – however the secret is what I call the E-sensual Diet…   Curious?  Stay tuned for more.. 

In the mean time – Will you be the lucky one to come and play with us?
  • Are you a little stuck?
  • DO you want to experience more fun & joy in your relationships?
  • Have you been missing a little fun in your life.. 

If so, then check out this link  – sign up and come and play…

We are only going to offer this program once in this format.. Don’t miss out!
Feel free to pass this along to anyone you think might enjoy horses and humans in a whole new way…

Hugs and happy trails..

Eventbrite - Pathways To Partnership

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A New Beginning, a New Partnership

May 7th, 2012 at 02:28pm Under Uncategorized

The Divine Cowgirl journey is about making a commitment to self, to developing the skills, beliefs and actions that create the life of your dreams from the inside out. It’s about taking one step at a time. And, it’s about self-discovery and self-expression. But, it’s not a journey for the faint of heart or for those seeking a “quick fix.” For those willing to embrace the Divine Cowgirl life it’s an exhilarating ride that can take you as far as you want to go.

One thing I’ve learned while traveling my own Divine Cowgirl journey is that sometimes where you want to go is a further distance than you can travel alone and that sometimes your dreams grow too big for you to bring to life on your own. This is where a Cowgirl must step into a new learning curve and embrace the pathway to partnership.

This is the place I found myself in recent months. My dreams and goals, for both my personal life and professional life, had outgrown my ability to make them happen on my own.

This is when I decided I needed a business partner. I wanted someone as deeply committed to the Divine Cowgirl journey as I was; someone equally passionate about their own personal growth and to helping others and making a difference. I wanted an equal partner, someone who could go nose to nose with me when needed, push me to think and grow, and someone who complimented my skill set and temperament.

I am very fortunate and grateful to have found such a partner. I’d like to introduce you to Sandy Dempsey, the founder of The Dreaming Café.

Sandy and I will be combining our vision and mission in a whole new business. (details coming soon.)

Over the years I have wrangled horses and people, while Sandy has wrangled computers, numbers and ideas. Her professional (a.k.a. traditional career) background includes logistics, operations and finance. The Dreaming Café, the business she started in 2009 while still working 60+ hours a week in her day job, focuses on helping people navigate the integrated journeys of self-discovery, self-expression and self-employment.

Sandy has the unique and powerful ability to bring order and focus to chaos. I can throw a basket full of ideas and goals at her and she methodically sorts, organizes and develops the small-step action plan we need to make things happen. It’s so much fun to watch her work and it’s a joy to see how our combined vision for a new business is coming together.

Another wonderful gift Sandy brings to our new organization is her gift for writing. Sandy’s style is all her own and reading her words is an invitation to explore the world with her.

In addition to a beautiful mind, a gift for bring order to chaos and a gift for writing, Sandy also has a deeply compassionate nature that intuitively sees into the heart and soul of the people she works with. She cares very deeply about others and is passionate about helping others bring their own gifts into the world and helping them live happier, healthier, wealthier, more fulfilling lives while also leading and making a difference in the communities they live in.

I am very grateful to have found such a wonderful partner, someone whose vision matches my own, whose values align with mine and who is as passionate as I am about growing an organization dedicated to the Divine Cowgirl that lives within all of us.

Please take a minute or two and welcome my new business partner and friend Sandy Dempsey to our community.

You can find Sandy blogging at The Dreaming Café

On Twitter @SandyDFromNJ and on Facebook: and

And stay tuned for some up and coming opportunities to join us in some powerful new adventures!!

Happy Trails,





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March 22nd, 2012 at 12:21pm Under Divine Cowgirl+ Relationship+ With ourselves

Dare I say it? I hold my breath as I do. Spring is coming!! The fruit trees are budding. Birds are singing. Renewal is on its way. It happens every year right about this time, yet still seems fresh and new.

My horse knows too. She is shedding. I am brushing huge chunks of long hair off her furry body. She spent all fall and winter armoring her self with this amazing thick coat of dark brown hair. I guess that is where all that hay went. She was protected all winter long from snow and freezing wind, but now she does not need that protective layer. She is giving it up.

I am part of the grand cycle of renewal taking place. Our valley is on the cusp of spring, so is my heart. I too seem to be in this ongoing process of shedding my protective layers. My false self, which I hide behind, is being brushed off by God, just like I am brushing off the hair from my mare.

I can see her better now. The shape of her body becomes crisper. I can see the graceful slope and curve of muscle. I am beginning to see me better also. My understanding of who I really am as a woman has been hidden from my own eyes. That is the curious part. Some spend so many years crafting a persona that seem authentic, only to have it eventually fail. Mine started falling off clumps at a time, blowing away in the wind to reveal a shiny new self; much like the glorious coat of hair my lovely mare has under all that winter fur.

So many creatures molt. Nothing soars so majestically as an eagle. Research shows that these beautiful birds go through many stages of molting in order to acquire the plumage necessary to glide, fly and be an eagle.  Even we humans “molt” at a microscopic layer, as we shed and replace layers of dead skin with new alive cells.

Maybe God is trying to tell us something through this mysterious ongoing process. Perhaps I have to trust in the process, much like an eagle does, in order to soar as a person and become who God intends me to be.

Happy Trails,



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March 15th, 2012 at 12:19pm Under Divine Cowgirl+ Inward Journey+ Relationship+ With ourselves

The spring planting season is just around the corner. My husband and I will make our yearly journey down to the local farm and garden store to purchase our seeds and plant starts. We will buy onion starts. They will be tender, young and green. Once safely in the dirt these little small sprigs of life will spend a few weeks putting on layer after layer of growth, the final one tough, fibrous and opaque.

Upon harvest and ready for the trip to my kitchen (headed for some yummy sauce), Miss Onion has to be peeled right down to the tender core in descending layers of juiciness and softness, to that final chunk in the middle, sweet and tender.

I think my life has resembled the onion. I started out so tender and vulnerable as a child. I then spent years putting on layers of protection. My heart was eventually encased by many layers, the most visible one the outer shell of toughness. Although sweet way down inside, no one knew, not even me. I had my amour on.

Now, with my life in this body more than ½ over, I am aware that the layers are coming off a piece at a time. I guess The Master Gardner has decided it is time to be harvested. He is gently removing the hard shell around my heart a section at a time, gradually with loving care, revealing my true self, my soft alive self.

It is interesting that when one works with onions, so often tears will come to our eyes. I have cried many tears as the layers of my heart have been removed, always going down to softer, more alive, and more authentic. Now hopefully, I add a little flavor and spice to the lives of those I touch, much like those sweet onions from my garden add to the sauce they are headed for.

Happy Trails,



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